Why Hire a Professional?

trimming large trees

Proper tree care is an investment that can pay you dividends. Well maintained trees can increase the value of your home and reduce potential liability from falling branches or trees. Pruning or removing trees can be more safely and effectively done by those properly trained and equipped to do so. Let our knowledge and experience help you protect your investment!

  • Improper pruning can take years to correct; and often, trees never recover. Improper cuts can actually promote decay and disease. Topping causes hazardous branching patterns in trees, promoting a higher frequency of pruning.
  • Pruning trees located near utility lines can be deadly. Specialized equipment and training are required by law.
  • Storms or high winds may cause branches or trees to fall; often landing on structures or personal property. We can safely remove fallen debris and check for other weak or compromised limbs/trees.
  • The right tree in the right place can save you headaches down the road. Many homeowners don't consider the mature size of a tree when planting. We can help you avoid damage to your foundation or sidewalk or help mitigate an existing problem with your tree.
  • Training young trees early on can ensure good structural development and minimize future maintenance costs.
  • Preventative maintenance practices help trees stay healthy and develop resistance to insects and disease. We can teach you how to protect and maintain your trees for future enjoyment!